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Expert Environmental Solutions

The objective of our environmental services division is to provide value added services that reduce waste and optimize facility performance through strategic remedial and corrective measures, treatment/maintenance programs, and restoration.

  • Remediation & Restoration
  • Waste Management – Transportation & Disposal
  • Landfill Cap Construction & Maintenance
  • Pond Maintenance & Cleaning
  • Wetland Restoration & Mitigation
  • Groundwater System Installation & Monitoring
  • Stabilization/Solidification (in situ treatment)
  • Emergency Response
  • On-Site Sludge Dewatering, Geotube, Belt Press
  • Liner Installation – Caps, Ponds, Basins

ES Integrated is a licensed hauler of hazardous waste.

For help on your project,

contact: environmental@es-integrated.com

(843) 609-6681